Xiaomi phones will be available in the US by 2019 – CNET

If you want an official Xiaomi phone in the US, your patience will be rewarded… eventually.

That’s because the Chinese manufacturer’s phone will launch in the US “in two years, if not sooner.” Xiaomi’s new global head Wang Xiang confirmed the news during an interview with CNET after the Mi 6 launch last week.

Xiaomi’s move to the US has been highly anticipated, but the company is taking its time to enter the market. At CES this year, former global head Hugo Barra also took back an earlier statement of the company’s plan to launch stateside in 2017. But a launch won’t be easy, the company will have to take on top dogs Apple and Samsung as well as other Chinese brands such as Huawei and One Plus.

“We don’t want to make a random decision, oh say, here’s the Mi 6, let’s try the US market, if it doesn’t work let’s just leave. No, we want to be well prepared and make a boom in those markets,” said Wang.

Wang added that Xiaomi doesn’t want to rush into the US, because the company doesn’t want to disappoint its many fans there.

And when it does, expect the company to start slow, likely with its midrange devices such as the Redmi Note 4, before ramping up to sell its highly coveted flagships.

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