World Tourism Day and how we can use tech to celebrate travel

With World Tourism Day 2017 upon us, people around the globe are celebrating the ways they travel and experience new cultures and geographies. The United Nations General Assembly announced 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, contributing to three ways people can be more sustainable—economic, social, and environmental.

World Tourism Day celebrates the spirit of sustainability and helps raise awareness of how businesses and tourists can be more conscious of how they travel. The day’s hashtag, #TravelEnjoyRespect, encapsulates the way people should explore the world.

Tourism technology

Technology is changing the way people experience travel every day. Virtual reality is one way for tourists to explore places they wouldn’t be able to, or even check out geographies virtually, before they land there physically.

Anne Field writes that African tour operator Matoke Tours allows people to put on a VR headset and get transported to a vacation in Uganda—helping potential tourists see if they would actually like to visit.

For folks who are on their vacation already, tech like Carinval Corp’s Ocean Medallion are helping both tourists and cruise ship operators create unique experiences. Matt Bokor writes that this wearable device is filled with intelligent sensors and provides wayfinding on the ships, food-on-demand, interactive gaming, entertainment, and more. This quarter-sized pendant is sophisticated tech that doesn’t feel like a typical wearable.

Beyond Smart Cities, two of Spain’s main islands are getting a “Smart Island” makeover through the government’s $32 million initiative. Jason Deign writes that this network campaign finances initiatives that integrate “new tools and intelligent management services”.

It may be in the near future that you strap on a VR headset to go on your next adventure, or pair a wearable on a cruise shup vacation. As islands and cities turn even smarter, technology will be sure to enhance your future travel experiences.


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