World Food Day and how Cisco tech aids in alleviating hunger

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th to show commitment to achieving Zero Hunger by 2030.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations helps organize events in more than 150 countries globally to promote action for those who need food security. The United Nations believes in four key messages for World Food Day—that food is a basic human right, that investing in sustainable food systems addresses major global challenges, that reaching every Sustainable Development Goal can’t happen without ending hunger, and that achieving Zero Hunger is possible.

Cisco and City Harvest

Cisco technology helps City Harvest, a nonprofit that rescues extra food from restaurants, farms, and more to give to New York City food pantries. Since 1982, City Harvest has helped to deliver deliver millions of pounds of food to those in need. The nonprofit recently expanded and built a virtual desktop infrastructure.

City Harvest worked with Cisco to implement the Cisco Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure that brought those virtual desktops to employees and volunteers. Hyperflex scales down the creation of desktop to minutes, and adds processing power through Cisco UCS (Unified Computing Servers). Smart algorithms can now help City Harvest quickly plan things like truck routes, delivery instructions, food items, and more.

Cisco technology has also helped City Harvest with employee and volunteer flexibility, increased efficiency, and scaling.

City Harvest employees can log into their virtual desktops from anywhere, and the nonprofit’s inventory can be cleared of all spare computers. Because truck routes are more efficient, City Harvest can help feed more people more quickly.

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