Why the Smartphone Has Become Indispensable to Modern Americans

The smartphone has changed the way that Americans participate in society and communicate with each other. For example, did you know that hundreds of millions of smartphones are now floating around the United States, that 50% of all online transactions are made on a mobile device, or that the average American spends $79 on apps?

Smartphones are now indispensable. Here are five ways that prove it.

Companies Are Focusing on It

A variety of businesses have made an increasing shift in the world of online exclusive commerce. Virtually every major bank now allows for check deposits, bill pay or transfers via an app. A majority of customers now prefer to open banking accounts or apply for loans via an online-only application, and internet-based banks are able to offer more competitive interest rates as a result of having lower expenses.

Furthermore, many businesses are now relying on their employees to use personal smartphones for work purposes. This is necessary, as 7 out of 10 employees have used their smartphone to view a work file, which is why 50% of businesses provide support for employees who use a personal device for work issues.

Mobile development and human resources are now linked together. No business can properly manage their human capital without dealing with smartphones.

Modern Homes Depend on Them

“Smart” appliances have become incredibly popular and can be controlled through smartphones. This includes a variety of apps which allow for control over thermostats, turning on and off lights and managing televisions or other media. 

Perhaps nowhere has this change been more noticeable than in the field of home security. While not all, many video doorbells connect and stream directly to smartphones through apps. This allows for people to monitor their doorbell or home security cameras from any location. Furthermore, these devices allow for motion detection, and videos can be sent to the police or shared with anyone’s neighbors.

They Have Changed the Way We Communicate

It’s a fact that 96% of Americans use cell phones, and of those, 81% are smartphones. Mass communication is impossible without a smartphone. On a monthly basis, over two billion people use Facebook, 1.9 billion use YouTube and 1.5 billion use WhatsApp, and that says nothing about a whole slew of other popular social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. As early as 2017, Millennials and Generation Z Adults said that they preferred texting to talking, meaning that they would actually prefer to use their phones than talk in person. 

In all of these cases, communicating away from a computer while using these platforms is now literally impossible without a smartphone.

Commerce Is Now Largely Dependent Upon Them

If you have a smartphone and the right app, and your merchant of choice has the right equipment, you don’t even need a wallet anymore; you can just bring your phone and pay with it. This trend is now widespread and increasing rapidly.

The option to pay with your phone is just the newest layer on the concept of using a smartphone to assist in purchase while at a physical store. According to recent information, 4 out of every 5 shoppers have looked up information about a product while at a store to view reviews, comparison shop or find a different company to purchase a product with. 

Any Memory Can Be Recorded and Broadcasted

Millions of Americans regularly take out their phone to record video or take pictures of an ongoing event. Sometimes it is a deeply personal memory, like a child’s first steps or first words. Other times, it is something important, like a government abuse or heroic action. Either way, smartphones make it possible for any event to be recorded and broadcasted life, to the world. This makes owning them a near requirement.

Simply put, smartphones have forever changed the way that we communicate with each other, engage in commerce and run businesses of all sizes. The end result is that American individuals and businesses simply must have a smartphone and know how to use these handy devices in order to get the full benefits of participating in modern society.

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