Why More Women Should Start Their Own Businesses

Right now, one in three workers are freelancers. These business owners, many of whom are female, turned to self-employment because of the Great Recession. This started a trend that won’t go away anytime soon. However, the Great Recession is only one of the reasons why women have gone out on their own. If you’re considering a leap into self-employment, here are a couple more reasons why you should.

Lack of Representation

According to Amour It, one of the biggest reasons to quit your day job and start a business is a desire to help people and make an impact on the world. The strengths that many female managers and business owners bring to the table are often different than the strengths that men bring to the table. Female leadership embraces empathy and relationships. Female managers often lead by example, which gives them an air of authority with their employees. By starting your own business, you bring these traits to your local business community. This is especially important if the young women in your community don’t normally see this kind of female representation in the workplace—you just might be the person who inspires them.

Women Have Some Advantages

For whatever disadvantages women may still have in the business world, they do have some pretty significant advantages too. These days, marketing professionals rely on social media more and more. SEOClerks says that female influencer marketers are often more effective and successful than their male counterparts. Since it’s impossible to create a profitable business without a steady influx of potential new clients, this skill gives female business owners a big leg up.

More Independence

When you work for yourself, you tend to have more control and independence than you would if you worked for someone else. Granted, you may be putting in longer hours, particularly at first. However, because you’re working on a passion project, you’re often better able to work these hours. Your business dealings energize you, allowing you to continue working even when you feel tired.

Owning your own business is a rewarding experience. By opening the doors to your business, you allow people to see a different style of leadership. You also tap into your natural talents, and you give yourself more independence and control. All in all, many women find that owning their own business creates opportunities they never expected. Perhaps, you will also find this to be true.