Which distro should I take?

Hi everybody!

I’m here for a simple reason, I bought a New laptop which isn’t a warmachine and it comes with the devil also known as Windows 10…

The cpu is an AMD A8-7410 (quadcore 2,2 to 2,5 ghz)

The gpu is a R7 M440

And the ram is 12go

When I check the materials the computer should be working Well but I find it pretty slow and I want to try something else maybe lighter than the devilish OS…

That’s why I was wondering which Linux distro could be worth trying.

I’m not a computer newbie but not a killer either.

Finally I mostly play indie games so compatibility won’t be a problem.

The final question is: Which distro suit the Best to someone Who want to play a bit but also want a lighter os That doesn’t slow his computer?

I checked Ubuntu, Antergos but without

Thanks for reading I hope you’ll find an answer!

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