What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is poised to boost the next generation of IoT technology into the mainstream. Here’s how it works with the cloud to benefit business operations in all industries.

Cloud computing has dominated IT discussions for the last two decades, particularly since Amazon popularized the term in 2006 with the release of its Elastic Compute Cloud. In its simplest form, cloud computing is the centralization of computing services to take advantage of a shared data center infrastructure and the economy of scale to reduce costs. However, latency, influenced by the number of router hops, packet delays introduced by virtualization, or server placement within a data center, has always been a key issue of cloud migration. Edge computing has also been a driver of innovation within OpenStack, the open source cloud computing project.

This is where edge computing comes in. Edge computing is essentially the process of decentralizing computer services and moving them closer to the source of data.

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