What Exactly is the Dark Web?

Ever since the internet was introduced, there has been more talk about the dark web. You hear about this type of web on television and in the news, but few people truly know what it is. The following will help shed some light on what the dark web is and what happens there.

The Dark Web Defined  

The Dark Web offers the same kind of search capabilities you might find on your regular internet, but the difference is that this type of internet exists in overlay networks. A person needs special software configurations and authorizations to even search the Dark Web. Part of the reason this kind of web is popular is due to the fact that it enables website hosts to remain anonymous and gives users the ability to perform untraceable searches. There have been many efforts to try to document and show the public information from the Dark Web, which have been beneficial in helping the general public understand what actually goes on in the Dark Web. (Source)

Dangers Lurking Within

An Internet that allows for anonymity is regrettably going to lead to some dangers, such as illegal activity related to drugs and sex-based crimes. Aside from making street drugs more available, the internet has become a portal for the purchase of prescription drugs. Obtaining drugs that are known to be addictive without a prescription is against the law. However, many people depend on the so-called “dark web” of the internet to refill their pill bottles. (Source)

What the Authorities Are Doing

There is no doubt that the dangers within the Dark Web are enough to worry anyone, but those in power are doing their best to deal with this emerging problem. For one, the authorities hire web experts to help decipher the encryptions of people who use the Dark Web. Authorities also go undercover, posing as weapons dealers or as people looking to buy poisons. (Source) The various tools employed by authorities all produce positive results and only continue to get better.

What Can You Do?

It may seem impossible to ensure that no one in your family or place of work is using the dark web, but there are a few steps you can take. For example, you can easily discuss the Dark Web and talk about everything there is to know about this hidden world. Be sure to be honest about the good that it may provide as some users simply do not want to be traced by large search engines like Google while other users in oppressive regimes use it to connect with sympathizers. (Source) Being honest about the good will make it easier to discuss the dangers the Dark Web poses.

There are many frightening things in our world and although there are some pretty innocent things on the dark web there are also some truly terrifying things, one of which is human trafficking. People need help and support to escape the dangerous situations they’re in. If you want to help victims, and help end human trafficking, go here.