What are Cisco and Google Cloud working on together

During my early years in software development at Bell Labs, I learned quickly that putting brilliant engineers together — collaborating on an interesting idea — more often than not leads to impactful outcomes. There’s a level of energy and excitement that builds from these types of collaborative development projects.

I could see that same level of energy and excitement when the Cisco and Google Cloud engineering teams met to share their respective thinking on how cloud computing ultimately would evolve — and an open sourced approach for architecting the infrastructure enterprises would need to get there as fast and seamlessly as possible.

The alignment was clear from the very first meeting — the future of cloud for enterprises is moving more towards an extension of the distributed computing model — only now, this model seamlessly incorporates and leverages both on-premises and cloud domains.

Regardless of where they might be in terms of implementing their cloud strategies, if you listen to what enterprise IT teams are saying today compared with the past few years, the foregone conclusion that every on-premises workload inevitably will “move” to a cloud workload has become a less favorable point of view.

Although cloud adoption is still in the initial stages of what will be a decades-long lifecycle, it’s far enough along now that we have a clearer picture of the direction it’s heading. For example, as an industry, we’ve learned that workload “lift and shift” can be difficult. We’ve learned also that trying to manage and orchestrate both on-premises and cloud environments with completely different abstraction tools can be difficult too.

This scenario is exactly what we’re working to solve — together. Summed up in a single sentence, our partnership demonstrates a commitment from both Cisco and Google Cloud to enable a true hybrid experience for enterprises. Why?

Cisco’s perspective is that the world has landed on multicloud — and when it comes to this world, the right conversation for IT teams to be having is about “expanding to the cloud” rather than “moving to the cloud”.

With networking and security platforms that securely connect the majority of the earth, Cisco is in a unique position to help enterprises lower cloud adoption barriers while closing the gap between on-premises and cloud environments. We’re making the distinction between on-premises and cloud environments disappear. Blurring these hard boundaries means the confinements associated with each separate environment are eliminated.

In other words, Cisco’s strategy is to do what we do best and continue securely connecting the world through our software, silicon and hardware — only now, it’s multicloud.

Our joint development efforts with the Google Cloud team is an important milestone for the industry. Together, we’re defining an open source architecture that enables our customers to abstract the view of their infrastructure whether it is on-premises or in the cloud. With this architecture, applications are agnostic and run on top of an open source network fabric. This approach means enterprise IT teams can run an application where it is most beneficial for their businesses — pulling data from anywhere across their distributed environments.

Open Source. Cloud Agile. Seamless. Secure. We’re very excited to work with Google on this project and contribute our technology to the future of cloud adoption.