Watch Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Reunite in Funny First ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ Trailer, Joined by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

A buoyant comedy that pitted an insecure stepfather (Will Ferrell) against the biological father (Mark Wahlberg) of his two stepchildren, Daddy’s Home was a bright spot at the box office, earning more than $240 million worldwide after it was released in 2015. No wonder that a sequel was in the works shortly thereafter.

Ferrell and Wahlberg had previously teamed up as police partners in The Other Guys and they once again displayed great comic chemistry, this time competing for the affection of the children. The movie was also buttressed by a great supporting cast, led by Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress and Thomas Haden Church. It tapped into the contrasting, manic power of the stars and integrated wonderfully ridiculous slapstick, yet it was also warm and endearing.

Earlier this year, we heard that Ferrell and Wahlberg would be joined by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow in the sequel. The plot, however, remained a mystery. The first trailer for Daddy’s Home 2 has now arrived and what do we learn?

Watch it below.

Directed by:

Sean Anders, who directed the first installment. He’s also directed Horrible Bosses 2, That’s My Boy and Sex Drive.

Written by:

John Morris and Anders. They’ve collaborated on Horrible Bosses 2 and Sex Drive, as well as cowriting She’s Out of My League, Hot Tub Time Machine, We’re the Millers and Dumb and Dumber 2.


Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Caredellini, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, Alessandra Ambrosio and John Cena.

Official Synopsis:

(Not yet revealed.)

Release Date:

November 10, 2017.

Set Video Bonus:

Fandango correspondent Crash Barerra got to visit the set — in an undisclosed winter location, since the story takes place around Christmas — and talk with the movie’s stars. She asked Ferrell and Wahlberg what they liked most about working with each other and also acting with Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, as their parents. Then Gibson and Lithgow spoke about their roles as grandparents and also about fatherly advice.

Watch it below.