Watch the Thrilling First 6 Minutes of ‘Baby Driver’

If you still haven’t seen Baby Driver, you need to get on that. If you’re still somehow having doubts about Edgar Wright’s very cool, loaded-soundtrack, action-filled crime drama, we’re excited to premiere the first six minutes, which should do the trick to draw you in. And if you’ve already seen the movie, then you’ll be wanting to watch this awesome opening again. And watch it again.

Baby Driver starts off with an introduction to the title character, a getaway car driver played by Ansel Elgort, and three bank robbers he’s working with, played by Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez and Jon Bernthal. The trio begin their heist, and Baby stays behind, singing along to “Bellbottoms” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He also uses the tune as a marker for how long the robbery will take.

And then they’re off, with “Bellbottoms” still blaring and tons of police cars on their tail through the streets and highways of Atlanta. Some of the incredible car stunts on display in this sequence are also seen in the trailer, but now you get the context with an immediately classic car chase that’s up there with the best of all time.

Watch it now:

What a thrill, right? And again, that’s just the beginning. The rest is just as good and deserves even more success than the movie has already had. At almost $100 million, Baby Driver‘s worldwide gross has far surpassed any of Wright’s other movies. At 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s one of the best-reviewed wide-release movies of the year. Go see it. And see it again.

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