Watch First ‘It Comes at Night’ Trailer — if You Have the Nerve

It Comes At Night

Krisha burst out of the South by Southwest film festival two years ago, a lacerating family drama revolving around a mesmerizing performance by Krisha Fairchild. The movie won both the Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award at the festival; it was released in theaters last year and received further critical and popular acclaim.

The movie also marked writer-director Trey Edward Shults as a filmmaker to watch. He took familiar elements — a large family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner and disrupted by the return of a single character — and molded them into something distinctive. The performances were raw and authentic, enhanced by Shults’ ability to create a disturbing, almost otherworldly atmosphere.

Now Shults’ follow-up feature is on its way and it’s a bold choice for the independent filmmaker. It Comes at Night is described as a horror movie about a man who discovers that something evil is stalking his family’s home. Joel Edgerton stars.

Watch the unsettling first teaser below.

The beauty of the teaser is that it doesn’t give away too much. The official synopsis suggests “an unnatural threat” is terrorizing the world, which has prompted a man to take refuge with his wife and son in a small house far from danger. At least, that’s what they think until another family shows up on their doorstep. Inevitably, paranoia and mistrust between the families grows until it boils over. Can they survive their own conflicts before outside horrors invade their home?

As with Krisha, it looks like Shults’ next film will take familiar material and twist it into something unexpected and possibly terrifying. Riley Keough, Christopher Abbot and Carmen Ejogo also star. It Comes at Night will open in theaters on August 25.

It Comes At Night

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