Watch Exclusive ‘Darkest Hour’ Video: Transformation

Darkest Hour Gary Oldman Winston Churchill

The first time we see Winston Churchill on screen in the stirring historical drama Darkest Hour, it takes several moments to kick in: that’s Gary Oldman! Even knowing in advance that the acclaimed actor is portraying the famed political figure, it’s a startling transformation.

It’s not just the outstanding hair and makeup design, either, as explained by director Joe Wright and fellow actors Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ronald Pickup and Stephen Dillane in our exclusive video. In a career filled with great performances, Oldman distinguishes himself yet again by burrowing under the skin of the legendary statesman, vividly bringing Churchill to life.

Watch the video below, and then make sure to get tickets for Darkest Hour. It’s now playing in select theaters and will expand nationwide on Friday, December 22.