Vin Diesel Reveals Justin Lin as Director of ‘Fast and Furious’ Parts 9 and 10

As was hinted way back in 2014, Justin Lin is returning to the Fast and Furious franchise for the final two installments. Well, we’re not sure they’ll be the last of the series, but parts 9 and 10 will indeed be helmed by Lin, the director who revived the property with the third, fourth, fifth and sixth movies.

Vin Diesel broke the news with a Facebook Live video post, not just confirming Lin’s return but showing the filmmaker on set. Also making an appearance in the video is Jordana Brewster, who plays the sister of Diesel’s character. The actress was absent in this year’s latest sequel, The Fate of the Furious.

Why is Brewster coming back now?

Brewster seemed to have skipped Fate because of its lack of Paul Walker’s character. When Walker died in a car accident in 2013, the character was written out of the franchise. Brewster’s character is his wife, so it made sense for her to take leave, as well. There is a chance, however, that Walker’s brother Cody could assist in giving the late actor’s role a digitally-aided cameo in the future.

What drew Justin Lin to return?

As for Lin’s hiatus, after directing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, he went on to do some episodes of True Detective and then helmed Star Trek Beyond. He’s been linked to other projects for the future, such as Hot Wheels and Space Jam 2, but coming back to Fast and Furious might be timed to happen first.

Regarding the true reason for Lin’s return, Diesel says, “You wanted 9 and 10 to be incredible. We’ve heard your concerns about the saga and where it needs to arrive in its final chapters.”

Do we know anything else about the sequels?

There’s been talk of the ninth installment being set and filmed in Australia. But there’s also been talk of putting Dom Toretto (Diesel) behind the wheel of the Delorean from Back to the Future, so who knows what is real and what isn’t? Unfortunately, it’s possible that Charlize Theron won’t be back as the villain Cipher.

Are they filming the next Fast & Furious right now?

Apparently Diesel, Lin and Brewster are on a secret set, but is it a set for Fast and Furious 9? There’s been hints that the next two sequels will be produced simultaneously, so maybe it’s a set for Fast and Furious 10. According to Entertainment Weekly, though, Lin is currently in “advanced talks” for the sequels and so presumably isn’t at work on them just yet.

When does the next Fast and Furious movie come out?

Well, first of all, the next movie in the franchise is a spin-off (possibly titled Hobbs and Shaw?), which is focused on the characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. That’s racing into theaters on July 26, 2019. Then part 9 is due on April 10, 2020, and part 10 arrives on April 2, 2021.