‘TRON: Legacy’ Director Wanted for ‘Top Gun 2’

Earlier this week, we got an update on the status of Top Gun 2, and now we’ve got more news about the long-awaited sequel. Here’s what we know so far:

Is it really happening?

According to Tom Cruise, “definitely.” He believes they’ll begin shooting next year.

Who’s going to direct?

Sadly, original Top Gun helmer Tony Scott is no longer with us, so Paramount is reportedly eyeing Joseph Kosinski for the job, according to Variety.

What makes him qualified?

Kosinski’s first two movies are good indicators that he’s right for Top Gun 2. With TRON: Legacy, he showed he could deliver a follow-up to a decades-old classic (that was 28 years after TRON, the Top Gun sequel would be around 33-34 years after the original). And with Oblivion, he worked with Cruise (see below). It’s unclear if his upcoming Granite Mountain will be relevant somehow.

Is there a script?

Yes, the latest is said to be a draft by Justin Marks (The Jungle Book), while names attached in the past include Peter Craig (The Town) and Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (Thor).

What’s it about?

While unconfirmed at this point in the process, previous reports had Top Gun 2 centered around drone warfare and the role of fighter pilots like Maverick (Cruise) in this era of remote combat.

Will Cruise be doing his own stunts?

That’s his thing now, so probably, and in the past he’s expressed interest in literally flying the jets he’ll be seen piloting on-screen.

Is anyone else returning for the sequel?

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, of course, as teased in a photograph last year. And Val Kilmer stated back in 2015 that he’s reprising his role as Iceman.

Are we sure this is really happening this time?

Don’t quote us on it, but Cruise’s quote sounds pretty sure.

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