Trailer Roundup: ‘Downsizing,’ ‘The Disaster Artist’ and ‘Pottersville’


We’ve got three new trailers to share today that all involve a level of goofiness:


The second trailer for Alexander Payne’s latest makes the movie look like a broader comedy than it probably is, focusing on more of the comedy and lighter material from the sci-fi drama about people who shrink themselves to find a better, more economical life. Matt Damon is front and center as the lead character who goes through with the process, while his wife, played by Kristen Wiig, is shown to get cold feet. Despite the mixed reviews out of festivals (the current Rotten Tomatoes score is 65%), Downsizing looks like a good time at the movies. We’ll see when it opens on December 22.

The Disaster Artist

More fun might be had with this more-acclaimed (94% on Rotten Tomatoes) feature directed by and starring James Franco. He plays notoriously bad filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, who helmed the so-bad-it’s-good midnight movie The Room, in this depiction of the making of that cult classic. The second trailer gives equal attention to Dave Franco as Greg Sestero, the real-life producer and actor who costarred with Wiseau in The Room and wrote the book this movie is based on. As if it doesn’t look hilarious and awesome enough on its own, you’ve got so much critical praise blurbed in the trailer to guarantee this will be one of the best of the year. The Disaster Artist hits theaters on December 8.


No, it’s not a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life. This silly indie comedy features an amazing cast, consisting of Michael Shannon, Ian McShane, Judy Greer, Christina Hendricks, Thomas Lennon and Ron Perlman. Maybe it won’t be worthy of all that talent, but the trailer for Pottersville looks like it could be enjoyable enough. The movie is about a hunt for a sasquatch in a small New England town, though the sightings of the creature were really of the drunken character played by Shannon. If nothing else, it has cult classic written all over it. Find out in theaters on November 10.

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