Trailer Buzz: Pixar’s ‘Coco,’ Jackie Chan as ‘The Foreigner’ and the Tragic True Story ‘Only the Brave’

Today we’ve got a trio of trailers about courageous people:


First up, we have the latest from Pixar, an animated feature with a protagonist who literally comes back from the dead — well, the Land of the Dead. Young Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) is magically transported to a world full of skeletons, including his deceased ancestors and must return to the land of the living before he’s caught or turned into a skeleton himself.

The new trailer, entitled “Find Your Voice,” offers more reason to anticipate this stunning and humorous-looking movie. Disney doesn’t even need the new Frozen short in front of Cocoto get people to buy tickets. We’ll be there when it opens on November 22.

The Foreigner

Somewhere in the world, this movie is just being titled “Jackie Chan vs. James Bond,” because that’s at least half the appeal. The other half is simply Chan doing an action-packed revenge thriller at his age. He looks tired, but he also is kicking butt all the way to Pierce Brosnan and the terrorists responsible for the deaths of the family of Chan’s character.

Martin Campbell, who directed the Brosnan Bond movie GoldenEye and the first of the Daniel Craig 007 movies, Casino Royale, is at the helm, so that’s another big reason to look forward to The Foreigner. Watch the new trailer below and see it in theaters starting October 13.

Only the Brave

The second trailer for Only the Brave, noted as being “the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots,” promises an intense depiction of the Yarnell Hill Fire tragedy in Arizona four years ago. Nineteen firefighters lost their lives during the incident, including a number of the main characters.

James Brolin plays Eric Marsh, the leader of the Hotshots, Jennifer Connelly is his wife, Jeff Bridges is retired Hotshots creator Duane Steinbrink, Miles Teller is lone survivor Hotshot Brendan Mcdonough and Taylor Kitsch and Ben Hardy are also members of the heroic team. See their true story in theaters starting October 20.

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