Tickets for ‘It’ Now on Sale; Check Out Exclusive Artwork

Stephen King’s epic novel It develops tension slowly but surely, gradually involving the reader in its terrifying events until putting the book down becomes out of the question. Judging by extremely positive advance reactions, the new version of It, directed by Andy (Andrés) Muschietti, recreates that horrifying story in nerve-jangling detail on the big screen.

Bill Skarsgård stars as a shape-shifting force of evil who has taken the form of a clown known as Pennywise. He preys upon children, until the young residents of Derry, Maine are compelled to take action. Watch our video with the cast members to hear their experiences during filming.

Also, check out the gorgeous exclusive artwork by Chris Garofalo, which captures the terrifying spirit of the movie.

It artwork

Tickets are on sale now; make sure to plan ahead so you can be surrounded by friends and family members! It will open in theaters on September 8.

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