The Structure of Day 2 Problems

Companies who adopt Cloud Native technologies and principles sooner or later (often sooner) bump into Day 2 problems. This is not because the tooling is bad but rather the opposite – the tooling is excellent. This means that it’s easy to get started with and therefore easy to get into trouble with. In this blog, we’ll look at the dynamics that propel our customers forward on their Cloud Native journeys. We’ll also see that there is a structure for ‘getting into trouble’. To understand that, we’ll take a look at the Hero’s Journey focussing specifically on Perseus and his fight with the Kraken before we look at the Cloud Native Journey and the lessons it teaches us.

We know, nowadays, that we recall information more easily when it’s organised as a story. This quirk of our brains is why a the number of narrative patterns is limited, according to one writer, to only seven. One such pattern is the Hero’s Journey. We can see how this works by looking at the Grecian myth of Perseus.

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