‘The Conjuring 2’ Spin-off Casts Another Farmiga

The Conjuring 2 the nun

Back in the day, prolific horror franchises progressed in pretty much only one direction. Every year or so Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees would march forward, with each new sequel finding some way to change things up. And to be honest, it wasn’t a particularly great thing for those franchises. By the time you got five or six sequels in, they had mutated so much that the simplicity that made them great in the first place was gone.

The horror franchises of today, however, may end up avoiding a similarly convoluted fate. Now they can successfully take a page out of the Marvel playbook and splinter off their own cinematic universes. So far, the most prolific of these is The Conjuring, which contains Annabelle, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle: Creation, and soon The Nun. The latter is a spin-off from one of the scariest bits of The Conjuring 2, and now it’ll have yet another tie to this freaky world James Wan and friend are building as Taissa Farmigahas been cast as the female lead in the movie.

The younger sister of The Conjuring star (pictured above in In a Valley of Violence) Vera Farmiga won’t actually be playing the younger sister of Vera’s Lorraine Warren, however. The Nun is an origin story about the demonic servant of God that haunts Lorraine in The Conjuring 2, and Taissa will be playing the ill-fated young nun who… well, we’ll have to find out.

Demian Bichir is also in the film, which will be directed by Corin Hardy (Sinister 2) based on a screenplay by James Wan and Gary Dauberman. It comes to theaters on July 13, 2018. Until then, if you want to scratch a new Conjuring-related itch, you’ll have to watch Annabelle: Creation when it hits theaters on August 11, 2017.

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