Testing or Monitoring? MTBF or MTTR? Make your choice!

What is more important testing or monitoring? Should you optimize for mean time between failures (MTBF) or mean time to repair (MTTR)?

Your team is torn by the choice.

Half of your teammates vote for a fully automated test suite, the other half for having good monitoring in production.

You have the decisive vote. What will be your choice?

Give yourself a minute to decide.

Test Suite

If you choose a test suite, you are aiming to not have any bugs in production.

You will have your unit and acceptance tests to know that you are building the right thing, your integration and system tests to check that components can talk to each other, your performance and soak tests to know that you have enough capacity and your resilience tests to make sure your system can cope with failure.

You will be full of confidence during development.

But then you deploy to production and what?

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