Sustainable Open Source – Where Are the Vendors?

Harvard Business Review has an article comparing old, crusty open source code to the Y2K ordeal. Go ahead and read it – it’s worth your time.

Joshua Gans, the author, lists open source projects that are maintained by lonely developers who don’t make much money (if any) for producing their craft. He specifically calls out ntpd:

What if I told you that the entire NTP relies on the sole effort of a 61-year-old who has pretty much volunteered his own time for the last 30 years? His name is Harlan Stenn…

For a number of years Stenn has worked on a shoestring budget. He is putting in 100 hours a week to put patches on code, including requests from big corporations like Apple… And this has led to delays in fixing security issues and complaints.

Read more at OSEN

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