Superhero Buzz: DC Considers Soviet ‘Superman’ Movie; ‘Power Rangers 2’ Goes with Obvious Villain

It’s time for another round of superhero movie news, as we’ve got the latest on an alternate Supermanstory pitch, which villain the Power Rangers will battle next, and more teaser clips for the latest Spider-Man reboot.

The Soviet Superman

One of the great “what if” ideas in comics was a miniseries by Mark Millar imagining baby Kal-El, aka Superman, landing in Soviet-era Russia rather than Smallville, Kansas. The Kryptonian superhero would have grown up fighting for the cause of communism rather than “truth, justice and the American way.”

In a Twitter thread involving Millar and filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong; Skull Island), the latter revealed he pitched DC on a movie version of this series, titled Superman: Red Son, but was denied. Millar claims other directors have also suggested the idea as a one-off. Could it happen? Maybe as a limited TV series? We can dream.

This thread is giving me tangential pangs of what-could-have-been for the version of Red Son I pitched that will sadly never get made. Oy.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) June 27, 2017

Wait, really? Because I pitched it to them months ago and was told no. It’s the most punk rock thing the DCEU could do in my mind.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) June 27, 2017

Power Rangers vs. Lord Zedd

Another movie we’re not sure is being made yet is Power Rangers 2. The first movie was a decent hit, and a follow-up would benefit from the long origin story being out of the way, but the sequel hasn’t been green-lit yet. That isn’t stopping Power Rangers director Dean Israelite from talking about what we can expect, if it does happen.

Specifically, he tells what villain would have to be introduced for the Rangers to fight next (never mind that Elizabeth Banks as baddie Rita Repulsa is one of the highlights of the original):

Well Lord Zedd is the obvious choice, I think, in a good way. Ya know, there was a time when we were talking about Lord Zedd being in this [first] movie. And it just felt like we didn’t have the real estate for it and I didn’t want to dilute our villains. So we kind of went all in on Rita…And so I think definitely it would all expanding into the next volume I definitely think have to feature Lord Zedd. I mean that’s not set in stone but I think that’s the obvious, sort of, next step to it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Clips

Also courtesy of, we’ve got some new clips from Spider-Man: Homecoming to share ahead of its release next week. Below you can catch some sequences involving Spidey (Tom Holland) saving his friends during a field trip to Washington D.C., Peter Parker having dinner with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and Vulture (Michael Keaton) scheming with his minions.

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