Spice Up Your Regular Movie Night with These Ideas

There is nothing better than curling up with your favorite movie. A movie night can be a very fun thing to do with friends and family. However, after a while, the same routine can get a little repetitive. You can make your movie nights more fun with a few of these ideas to spice up your next movie night.

Foreign Films

Hollywood certainly has its fair share of great movies, but after a while, they all tend to look and feel the same. How many times do you really have to see a car outrun a train? One of the best things to do in order to spice up movie night is to go with a foreign film. Technology has allowed audiences to experience different movie cultures for the first time through closed captioning and dubbing. So, go onto your favorite streaming site and begin discovering that foreign section you hardly stop at.

Theme Movie Night

What is more fun than dressing up? A great way to get everyone excited for your movie night is to declare a theme that everyone can participate in. A fan favorite that can certainly bring out your creative side is a great zombie movie. Hold a zombie walk in your yard or set up a “Best Zombie” costume contest. Theme movie nights are a great way to really make it interactive and different for a change.

Outside-the-Box Office

Who says movie night has to be indoors? You can place a standard television set in an outdoor living space to make your backyard as inviting as the rest of your house, or use a projector to create a large movie screen that you can enjoy from the grass or a swimming pool. Just make sure you take safety precautions into consideration when maintaining your wires around sources of water.

A Fort

Let’s face it: Forts are pretty cool. A great way to spice up movie night is to get all your friends together and create a fortress to watch your movies in. Gather all your cozy blankets and pillows to place them within your fort. Not only does this bring out the inner kid in you, but it can certainly be a very memorable night for everyone.

Crazy Popcorn

Everyone knows the rules; you can’t have a movie night without popcorn. However, regular old butter popcorn can be quite boring after a while. It is highly recommended to get creative with your popcorn recipe. Take aspects of the movie or movies you’re planning to watch in order to create some crazy popcorn for yourself and your family and friends. 

If you’re looking to break away from the traditional movie night setup, then we highly suggest choosing one or two of the suggestions above to begin planning out a movie night that you will never forget.

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