‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer: All Your Questions Answered

We finally got our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Storyduring the Super Bowl last night, and then a longer teaser arrived this morning. So, we’ve seen what Alden Ehrenreich looks like as young Han Solo, but what else do the two spots show us? We’ve got some of your initial questions answered down below. First, let’s look at the longer trailer once again:

Did we see Han Solo’s home planet?

According to most fans, the snowy mountain landscape shots are likely Corellia, which hasn’t ever been seen in the movies before but have been described in other tie-in materials. Of course, such books are no longer considered canon and don’t necessarily inform his origin story here. Also, there are many other scenes that are also assumed to be Corellia simply because they’re clearly settings from Han’s early years.

Did we see Han’s introduction to the Millennium Falcon?

One of the favorite shots from the trailer does seem to be the moment where Han gets his first look at his future ship, when it’s still probably owned by Lando (Donald Glover). Speaking of which, we may also have seen the place where Han wins the Falcon from Lando in a game of “sabacc” (as revealed in The Empire Strikes Back). We see Han entering what looks like a gambling den, and Lando is seen in a shot that might be in the same location.

What about Han’s introduction to Chewbacca?

No, there is no first meeting between the iconic duo of Han and Chewie; every shot of the two of them indicates they’re already great buddies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see their introduction in this movie. In the old, wiped-clean canon, Han met Chewie while he was working for the Empire and actually lost his job by saving the Wookie from captivity. In the trailer for Solo, we already learn a different version of Han’s origin: he was kicked out of the Imperial Flight Academy for having a mind of his own.

Did we get a glimpse at the Kessel Run?

Ron Howard has teased that we’ll be seeing the “Kessel Run” that Han references in Star Wars when boasting about the Falcon. And the treacherous space we see the ship maneuvering through looks like the difficult smuggling route as has been described in other materials. So, it’s possible that we’ve gotten a taste of that famous backstory, but it’s not been confirmed.

Did we see Han’s wife?

Many have speculated that Thandie Newton plays Sana Starros, Han’s wife in recent comic book stories. But a still from the movie released by Lucasfilm reportedly has her labeled as “Val” in a caption.

Who does Woody Harrelson play?

Harrelson’s character is Tobias Beckett, so far just known to be a mentor to Han and a criminal, presumably the one who gets him into smuggling. In the trailer, he asks the young pilot to join a crew for some sort of job.

Who is the villain of Solo?

While it’s not certain yet who the main big bad of the movie is, at least one prominent character in the trailer is confirmed to be an adversary: Moloch, played by stuntman Harley Durst. We see the masked baddie fighting Beckett on a space train and then he shows up in the scene that looks like a Western showdown with a band of ruffians. Who he is and what his level of evil is, that’s to be seen.

Does Lando have his own Chewie?

Well, not a Wookiee, but Lando does have his own co-pilot when he’s in possession of the Falcon. She’s a droid named L3-37 and she’s played by British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Why haven’t we ever seen her before?

That’s a good question, since L3-37 is not in the original trilogy when we meet Lando in The Empire Strikes Back or when he’s back in the Falcon cockpit in Return of the Jedi — then his co-pilot is Nien Nunb. So maybe something happens to her in this movie or some time soon after. It could just be a falling out, who knows?

How does Solo connect to The Last Jedi?

Aside from the obvious elements, like how Chewbacca appears in both movies and the legacy of Han Solo permeates through the latest episode, there’s one significant prop you may have missed. During the sequence where Han is driving the speeder with Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke), his golden dice are hanging from the windshield. We last saw those dice at the emotional climax of The Last Jedi.

What is the deal with Qi’ra?

When we first see Qi’ra, she’s riding fast and furious with Han on Corellia. Later we see her in more regal digs, hinting that she’s of a higher class. Maybe they have a socially forbidden or frowned-upon romance when they’re young and then meet up again later when they’re really on different life paths. But then again, she does seem to be a part of the criminal crew, too.

What is the basic plot of Solo?

Besides the very simple official synopsis we’ve received from Disney, there are clues indicating more of the story. As ScreenCrush points out in the video below, this is going to be a narrative about a young man who wants to make a difference (as he tells the Imperial recruiter) who becomes someone who doesn’t care about anything but money (as he says in Star Wars). Maybe whatever happens to his relationship with Qi’ra has something to do with that. The movie is also obviously going to involve some heist and smuggling plots, as well.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25. Check out some new official character posters here:

Check out the four new teaser posters featuring Solo, Lando, Qi’ra, and Chewbacca. #HanSolopic.twitter.com/rBE6yStjC0

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