Our Approach

Our core business is providing technology solutions to small business, mid level business, enterprises, and the retail consumer.

Our Story

Starting in a small apartment on the west side of Tampa, Florida, founder Eberle Francois Jr realized there was not many large technologies or telecommunication companies that were owned or started by a black business owner within the United States and beyond.

This realization lead to research into the demographics of those that are employed, serviced premium technology products, and services.

The results lead to the formation of Nerd Junkie Inc.

Low minority representation within the technology jobs market and advertisements were undeserved to the minority demographics.

Nerd Junkie is a company on a mission to assure no person is left behind in this fast-paced technological world that is being created around us. Our goal is to assure that adults and children of all ages are presented with the most advanced technology. In addition, we want to provide employment opportunities for the future workforce.

Why do we do it...for the Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, even a few Millennials. Simplifying their experience on the internet when making retail purchases, device repair, and offering cost-cutting services to businesses to keep their business running smoothly is what keeps this company motivated.

Services such as ISC (Internet Search Concierge) live human internet search for the non-internet savvy user giving them the ability to still find great pricing on products or services, Content Sponsorship, and Web Ad Placement for businesses are examples of the services Nerd Junkie offers.