So, the big secret to updating Slackware is that it has a package manager, of sorts. It does not automatically notify you of updates out of the box, like say Mint Cinnamon, but you can set slackware up to notify you of updates, by email, as they become available. I prefer to check myself periodically. The secret to updating the system is a series of commands issued from the command line, or in a terminal window. You must be logged in as ROOT.

First you must select a mirror to get the updates from. Open the file /etc/slackpkg/mirrors. This is a url list of all the mirror sites. Each line is remarked out (like the old dos days, remember?) with a # at the beginning. Find the mirror that you want, for the version that you are running, remove the #, and save the file. Oh, yeah, only select 1. This will tell the package manager where to get the updates. If you should forget to do this, you will get an error instructing you to do it.

I used HTTP:// because I installed 14.1

These four commands are issued from the command line, or in a terminal window (as root).

slackpkg update. This updates the package information on your computer to match the info on the mirror. If there are no updates, you will get the prompt “No changes in ChangeLog.txt between your last update and now. Do you really want to download all other files (Y/N)? To which you should answer N, and it will stop. If this happens, you do not need to issue the rest of the commands in this list.

slackpkg install-new. You will be prompted to decide which of these new packages you wish to install, and it takes some time to complete, so don’t get in a hurry:D.

slackpkg upgrade-all. This is the actual upgrading of the packages, and it will also take some time. If you have just done a new install, like I just did, you may want to go get a cold beverage of your choice while this runs.:D:D (or 2, or 3, …):p

slackpkg clean-system. There may not be anything left for this to clean out, if not it will tell you. If you have any packages installed which were not in the original install, it will ask if you wish to remove them.

That is it in a nutshell.

Happy trails,

Paul :D:D

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