Seven Things about Linux You May Not Have Known

One of the coolest parts about using Linux is the knowledge you gain over time. Each day, you’re likely to come across a new utility or maybe just an unfamiliar flag that does something helpful. These bits and pieces aren’t always life-changing, but they are the building blocks for expertise.

Even experts don’t know that all, though. No matter how much experience you might have, there is always more to learn, so we’ve put together this list of seven things about Linux you may not have known.

There is an interactive mode for command history

You’re probably familiar with history, which reads your bash history to stdoutin a handy numbered list. However, if you find yourself searching for a specific URL in a sea of `curl` commands, this list isn’t always easy to read.

As an alternative, Linux comes with an interactive reverse search that helps you to avoid the headache. You can activate it with ctrl+r. This enables an interactive prompt that will search backwards through your bash history for a string you provide. You can cycle back through older commands by pressing ctrl+r again or cycle forward using ctrl+s.

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