Security in the Modern Data Center

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is well known in the security community for its standards and recommendations that guide many organizations towards secure culture, policies and technological infrastructure. Its recently publicized guidance, the Application Container Security Guide, analyzes the unique risks posed by containerized applications and advises organizations how to secure them. The first recommendation, “Tailor the organization’s operational culture and technical processes to support the new way of developing, running, and supporting applications made possible by containers,” sets the tone for analysis, implying that modern data centers require a major shift in enterprise strategy and means of securing them, in order to keep pace with the new methodologies of developing and running applications.

The document goes on to emphasize that securing the data center requires tools that were designed from the ground up for this purpose. The authors explain that existing security tools are simply not up for the task of securing the virtualization-based infrastructure, as they were designed before such an environment was envisioned.

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