Rumor Patrol: Wonder Woman Tipped for ‘The Flash: Flashpoint’

Wonder Woman

Could Diana Prince soon be teaming up with the speedster? In the two weeks since Comic-Con concluded its annual celebration, rumors have been flying about The Flash: Flashpoint.

Nothing more than the title has been officially announced, though we know that Ezra Miller will be reprising his role as the legendary speedster, Kiersey Clemons will play Iris West and Ray Fisher will reprise his role as Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg. All three will be appearing first in the upcoming Justice League.

As we have noted previously, in the DC comic books, Flashpoint changed the superhero universe entirely, starting with Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, waking up without his power of speed. Also, the Justice League doesn’t exist. That means possible storylines are completely open to whatever the filmmakers want to do.

Naturally, that also means fans are free to speculate wildly about what the filmmakers might be planning. For example, a Forbes contributor says that Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) “is also expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint, which will be Flash’s solo movie but is also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes.”

It’s certainly an intriguing rumor that makes a lot of sense. After all, the Marvel comic book movies have been featuring team-ups with different combinations of superheroes, so why shouldn’t the DC movies do something similar?

The upcoming release calendar for DC movies includes Justice League (November 17), Aquaman (December 21, 2018) and Wonder Woman 2 (December 13, 2019). Four release dates in 2020 have been reserved for untitled DC movies (February 14, April 3, June 5, July 24).

We also know that Shazam is expected to start production early next year; potentially, it could snare a theatrical release sometime in 2019, ahead of Wonder Woman 2. If things work out, The Flash: Flashpoint will hit the big screen in 2020, again according to Forbes. We’re hoping to hear confirmation on some of these points from DC and Warner Bros. very soon, including who has been hired to direct the project.