Rumor Patrol: New ‘Hellboy’ Characters, ‘Cyborg’ Character Teases

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Last week we heard that Milla Jovovich was in in final talks to join a new version of Hellboy, based on the comic book character created by Mike Mignola. The movie’s title has since been shortened from Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen to Hellboy and now we’re hearing rumors about other characters who may be appearing.

In the comics, Hellboy is associated with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, which fights various occult threats. According to Splash Report, B.P.R.D. members Abe Sabien, Alice Monaghan and Major Ben Daimio will all appear in the new Hellboy, along with Baba Yaga the witch, King Arthur and Merlin, as well as “Gruagach, a fairy creature that looks like a pig and is a vengeful adversary of Hellboy.” Of those characters, only Abe Sabien appeared in 2004’s Hellboy and the sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army (top), played by Doug Jones and directed by Guillermo del Toro.

We already have confirmation that David Harbour will star as Hellboy and Ian McShane will play his adoptive father, Professor Broom. Neil Marshall (The Descent) will direct; production is expected to begin next month, aiming for theatrical release next year.

Another title with great interest for comic book movie fans is Cyborg, based on the DC Comics character. As portrayed by Ray Fisher, Cyborg appeared briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is expected to have a larger role in the forthcoming Justice League. Last week, Joe Morton, who plays Dr. Silas Stone, also known as Cyborg’s father, talked about a few adjustments that were made in reshoots regarding the tone of Cyborg’s character in order to help lighten up Justice League.

In a new interview, Morton told ComicBookMovie that, despite the lighter tone, Cyborg still “sort of feels like, ’Yes you saved my life, but look what you made me look like. I can’t go out and be a regular person.’ He has no alias, nothing to hide behind. So what I think is great about that idea is you begin, in a metaphoric way, sort of talking about what it means to be ‘the other’ in society.”

Morton also confirmed that the Cyborg movie is still happening, as far as he knows: “I believe, although I’m not entirely sure, that it should start sometime around 2020.” Justice League will open in theaters on November 17.