Reel TV: James Gunn Rebooting ‘Starsky and Hutch’; Jamie Bell Developing New ‘Jumper’

Starsky and Hutch

James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) is ready to help shepherd a new version of Starsky and Hutch for television. Sony Pictures TV Studios is currently pitching the concept to broadcast, cable and streaming networks, according to Deadline.

If things work out, James Gunn, his brother Brian Gunn and their cousin Mark Gunn will write and serve as executive producers for the series. James Gunn might even direct one or more episodes, depending on his availability.

Starsky and Hutch debuted in 1975, starring David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (above) as streetwise cops. The action may have been routine, but the two actors had good chemistry together. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson starred in a 2004 movie version, directed by Todd Phillips, that was played for laughs.

Evidently the idea is to play the rebooted series as a drama, not a comedy, but we imagine it will contain at least a modicum of good humor, as in the original show. Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn have worked together as a writing duo on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and other projects.


Meanwhile, Jamie Bell is reportedly helping to develop a small-screen version of Jumper. Directed by Doug Liman, the 2008 thriller starred Hayden Christensen as a teenager with the ability to teleport himself. It’s all fun and games until things get serious and he is caught up in an ancient war. Bell played another, more experienced tele-jumper (above).

Now, per Deadline, Bell may be reprising his role in a new series. Julian Simpson is also mentioned in the report; he’s an experienced writer and director whose credits include British TV shows MI-5 and Doctor Who. The proposed show is part of a deal between Lionsgate and New Regency; right now it appears to be in its early stages.