PT Proves That Many Classroom Tasks Take Less Time with a Chromebook Powered by an Intel Core i3 Processor Than with a Chromebook with an Arm Rockchip Processor

Durham, NC, January 02, 2018 –(– Applications may present a learning curve for some students, but they cause even more frustration when they run on slow, unresponsive devices. In hands-on tests, Principled Technologies (PT) found that they could carry out common classroom tasks faster on a faster Intel Core i3-6100U processor-based Chromebook than on an Arm processor-based one. For example, PT merged tracks in Soundtrap 32 seconds faster with the Intel Core i3 processor-powered Chromebook than they could with the Arm Rockchip processor-based Chromebook. This kind of savings could allow students to devote more time to projects and stay engaged and on task for longer.

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