Package delivery and other smart home devices courtesy of IoT

Using IoT may be the key to keeping thieves from stealing packages from your doorstep. Amazon just unveiled Amazon Keya “smart lock” designed to allow their delivery people drop off packages inside of homes in an effort to lower package theft.

In order for Amazon Key to work, users must also install Amazon Cloud Cam, an internet-connected security camera as well as a the smart lock. This way, when packages are about to arrive, users can watch the delivery live via their phone.

The company says that Amazon Key can also be used to allow other select people into the home, like cleaners or friends.

In an effort to make home delivery more seamless and theft-free, Amazon utilizes the Internet of Things as an advantage over other retailers.

Mary Ann Azevedo writes that different apps are being used to control various parts of a smart home—one app for lights, one for temperature, one for alarms, and more. Azevedo quotes technology analyst Maribel Lopez,

“It’s rapidly getting to a point that there are interfaces that make it easier for systems to communicate with other connected devices,” says Lopez, “I know I don’t want 30 apps to manage my home. That’s unscaleable. I expect there will one day be a little community of connected products.”

In a connected home or buildings full of smart devices, buildings must have a way to get apps and devices to work with each other. Cisco’s Derek Mitsumori writes in a blog that he prefers tools like IFTTT and Samsung’s SmartThings as platforms to help smart home apps work in conjunction.

Like multiple home apps, he writes that organizations are using apps across many clouds that each have its own configuration, interface, security, and more. The intelligence needed to span multiple cloud can help businesses simplify and secure their work.

While installing another smart home device to your connected house platform may or may not be necessary, Mitsumori writes that multi-cloud intelligence is crucial for today’s companies. To learn more about how you can get plugged in, check here.


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