Operationalizing Cybersecurity

Operationalizing, or implementing, cybersecurity is an ongoing effort that continually evolves and grows. Just like organizations can’t achieve safety; they cannot achieve cybersecurity. Therefore, having a well-defined organizational cybersecurity strategy is essential in keeping organizational security goals in mind. Board members are becoming increasingly aware of the requirements to implement cybersecurity strategies and the perils faced by those organizations that continue to leave cybersecurity as an information technology (IT) problem. These motivations are assisting board members in being more active in defining the organization cybersecurity strategy. Therefore, board members are becoming increasingly aware of the importance in implementing a cybersecurity strategy.

Defining a cybersecurity strategy

An organizational cybersecurity strategy is the organization’s plan for mitigating security risks to an acceptable level. Understanding the business purpose and mission goals of the organization is the first step in defining a cybersecurity strategy.

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