Nocserv Becomes Needles Software Partner

Houston, TX, June 15, 2017 –(– Nocserv has become a partner of Needles Legal Case Management Software ( as an independent IT provider. Nocserv has a unique solution that helps law firms with securing their Needles software from cyber-attacks which in many cases includes moving Needles off of aging, onsite server hardware to a more reliable, accessible, and scalable cloud platform.

“Law firms have a big target on their back for cyber criminals because of the amount of high value sensitive information across all industries that they store for their clients. Most firms don’t have the technical staff or expertise in-house to properly protect their data which is where Nocserv comes in as a trusted IT service provider,” said Brian Gendron, Nocserv President & CEO. “Needles is a software that many firms run their whole practice on so it is critical that is protected and that it stay running.”

The partnership with Needles allows Nocserv to bring to law firms peace of mind that their data is secure and that their IT systems are always working. Nocserv provides ongoing technical support and help desk to the attorneys and their staff as a service, so they can focus on winning their cases for their clients, and have more time to bring on new casework.

About Novserv: ( Novserv has a portfolio of affordable IT Services and consulting that help law firms increase profitability. If your looking to streamline operations, collaborate better with your team and clients, provide stronger security, or all of the above, Nocserv is the partner for your firm.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Brian Gendron at 713-524-1800 or email at