News Briefs: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel May Get ‘X-Men’ Director

Man of Steel 2: Even though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is basically a Man of Steel sequel, the folks at Warner Bros. are moving ahead on a presumably Batman-free follow-up centered solely on Superman. And they might be looking at Kingsman: The Secret Service helmer Matthew Vaughn to direct. He’d be the second X-Men-franchise director to tackle the DC hero (he did First Class, while main X-movie helmer Bryan Singer directed the unrelated Superman Returns), and it would be his fifth comic book adaptation after First Class, Kick-Ass, Kingsman and its upcoming sequel. Reportedly, if he doesn’t do Man of Steel 2, he will likely do some other DC extended universe installment. [Collider]

Gladiator 2: Hey, if Superman can die and come back, how about Maximus Decimus Meridius? Ridley Scott has an idea for how to do a Gladiator sequel with Russell Crowe (also of Man of Steel), whose character died at the end of the 2000 Best Picture winner. “There is a way of bringing him back,” Scott says. “Whether it will happen I don’t know.” This isn’t the first suggestion of a Gladiator 2, one past idea for which was to follow Maximus in the afterlife. [Entertainment Weekly]

All the Money in the World: While Scott waits to see if Gladiator 2 can happen, he has settled on his next project, post-Alien:Covenant. He will direct All the Money in the World, about the kidnapping of the teenaged John Paul Getty III, grandson of oil tycoon John Paul Getty Sr., in 1973. The main character would be the boy’s mother, Gail Harris, and Natalie Portman is the current choice to play her. Scott is said to be doing this and then the drug-war film The Cartel. He also has another Alien movie ready in the wings. [Deadline]

Free Fire International Trailer: This new trailer for Ben Wheatley’s (Kill List) latest, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, has dropped at just the right time. It’s badass leading lady, Brie Larson, is currently in the number-one movie in America (Kong: Skull Island) and the movie itself is screening this week at SXSW. It’s an action-comedy also starring Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy and Sam Riley that’s apparently basically a 90-minute shootout, so that’s why there appears to only be one scene in the ads. See it in theaters on April 21. [Movieclips]

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