New Dimension of Financial Analysis: Filings API

San Francisco, CA, November 01, 2017 –(– Companies’ Financial Reporting

If you’ve ever tried to trade on the capital markets you’ve definitely faced this problem: where to get the fresh and reliable information about the company’s current financial state? The major source of such information in the US is the Securities and Exchange Commission which collects mandatory filings from all publicly traded companies, funds and individuals. But how to get this data in automated and convenient way?

DarkMindFX answers this question by introducing its new service – Filings API – which now gives the developers of the financial software, traders, quants and analysts an access to the regulatory reporting data in the structured and concentrated form.

Companies Covered

At the present moment DarkMindFX provides an access to the companies-members of S&P 500 list. With DarkMindFX Filings API developers can access 10-Q and 10K filings starting from 2009 and till current date. In total it gives API users access to more than 15 000 reports.

Beta version DarkMindFX API gives an access to main financial reporting information which includes data from Balance Sheet, Statement of Operations, Comprehensive Income, Cash Flow Statement, and Earning per Share sections of the reports.

Every day our services perform end-of-day check in order to identify whether the new financial reports were filed. Once such reports are found the are parsed by our algorithms, the data extracted, saved to the data warehouse and immediately become available for the API users.

Accessing Filings Data

For all their users Beta version of DarkMindFX API is provided for free of charge. To get access users should register and obtain an Account Key which is used to initiate all the calls to the API. The registration form can be found at

Once the Account Key is created and account is registered analysts, automated traders and developers gets an unlimited access to the filings data. There is no limitation on number of calls of amount of data consumed.

The API itself is a set of JSON services which can be accessed from any platform, programming language and operational system. It’s just enough to have a basic understanding of coding process in order to start using it and read the data.

Further Development

In order to provider the broader insight into financial markets DarkMindFX is planning to continue extending number of companies who’s filings can be accessed via DarkMindFX Filings API. By the end of 2018 DarkMindFX is planning to cover more than 10 000 companies which file their reports to U.S. SEC. This will give the API user users a complete coverage of United States public companies universe.

Also to simplify the development DarkMindFX is planning to provide the developers with the set of libraries – in .NET, Python, Java and other popular programming languages – for easy and seamless integration of the API into the developers’ applications.

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