More Batman News: Nightwing Is Getting His Own Movie

The DC extended universe is a constantly expanding, unpredictable place. Just earlier today Matt Reeves was confirmed to direct The Batman, a week after it was reported that his director talks had broken down. That’s not the only Batman news of the day, though. Warner Bros. has also announced that it’s making a Nightwing movie.

The currently untitled movie will be directed by The Lego Batman Movie directorChris McKay, but unlike that movie, this one will be both live action and an official part of the DC extended universe. We certainly don’t know the exact plot at this stage, but it will no doubt be about Dick Grayson, aka the original Robin, and his adventures protecting Gotham City after he splits off from Batman.

So far Robin hasn’t played a big part of the new round of Batman movies. His costume was seen in Batman v Superman and it was implied that he’d died years prior to the movie, but it never explicitly says that’s the case and it never names that Robin as Dick Grayson. So McKay and screenwriter Bill Dubuque (who coincidentally wrote The Accountant, starring current Batman Ben Affleck) can basically just pretend that was a different Robin and proceed with whatever Nightwing storyline they have in mind.

It’ll be quite a while before we know what that story is, however. This new movie doesn’t have a release date at this stage. Presumably it’s falling behind the likes of Aquaman, The Flash, Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens in priority, but if you happen to be a hard-core Nightwing fan who has been waiting for the hero to get his own solo movie, the chances of that actually happening someday just got significantly better.