Minimal BASH — Grub — error 17

Hi Christina! Good to see you back on here again, but sorry to read the troubles you’re having. I don’t have a magic answer either, but the BIOS is not on your hard drive (it’s a chip on the motherboard). So if you are really unable to access BIOS repeatedly, I am worried that you may have a more serious problem and a new hard drive is probably not the solution.

Are you sure it is not just your “timing” to hit the right key? It is a very short time that the computer will accept the BIOS interrupt (DEL, ESC, or whatever your trigger is). There is usually some text printed on the screen saying what key to hit, and you have to be very quick at just that moment.

I’d sure like to be sure you can access BIOS every time without fail. If not, we may be chasing a boot problem that we can’t fix anyway.

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