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I think a lot about innovation so I do a lot of outdoor stuff. I do surfing and I also do kiteboarding. It is really mostly about like doing something that is completely unrelated to what we are doing here, working with the computers and technology. Everyday I have an app that tells me exactly when I can go and when I can’t go. My name is Jens Meggars. And I run the cloud collaboration business unit which is basically creating the most incredible meeting experiences in the industry. I am passionate about creating great products. And in this business you become number one if you have the best products. We just launched the Spark Board which is incredible. And we have the cloud technology that comes out of my organization that really supplies the smarts behind that. I get my inspiration from everywhere, talking to people. Talking to a lot of people in the organization. Good ideas are the currency of the 21st century. So they come all the time. What surprises everybody about me, well, you know I used to be a videogame developer in the ‘90s, which was fun. And I paid my entire college with it. The other thing is I used to be in the German Army. I was a tank soldier actually. But I wasn’t really cut out for it. So they actually sent me to the ministry of defense where I became a database programmer. There are many, many turning points in my life, professional obviously and personal. Personal obviously when I met my wife and we got married. My family is very tight and they all like to play together. So we are having a good time on the weekends. I have five kids and have two sets of twins. It’s completely random. And yeah, it’s fun. But in the professional life obviously big turning point when I joined Cisco. Great company. My favorite part is we have incredible people here. I think the most important thing for a leader is we understand that you work for the people. Not the people work for you. And basically make your team become successful. We are doing the most incredible stuff I have ever worked on. So I am really happy to be here right now.

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