Korenix Launches JetWave IWC 5630 Industrial-Grade WLAN Controller for Small to Medium Size Wireless Network Deployment

New Taipei City, Taiwan, February 22, 2017 –(PR.com)– Korenix is pleased to announce the new JetWave IWC 5630 Industrial-grade WLAN controller. It can manage up to 25 wireless APs with security features, for example, L2 MAC ACL, L3 firewall, built-in RADIUS server for 802.1x framework, etc. Together with Korenix JetWave wireless product series, it is a great solution for small to medium size wireless network deployed in factory sites, local warehouses, branch offices, etc.

Integrated AP L2/L3 Auto Discovery/Provision

JetWave Aps automatically discover JetWave IWC 5630 through layer2/layer3 network, pre-configured AP settings will be provisioned to Aps. JetWave IWC 5630 features gateway function for traffic filtering by MAC ACL and firewall and is equipped with a built-in RADIUS server for 802.1x integration. For mobility applications, it supports server-based super roaming with fast roaming times, which makes it a reliable wireless communication solution to moving objects, such as buses, trains, etc.

Korenix JetWave IWC 5630 features:

Integrated AP auto discovery and auto provision for fast installation and deployment

WPA2-personal/enterprise and IEEE 802.11i-compliant wireless security

Layer2 MAC ACL and layer3 firewall for traffic filtering

IEEE 802.1x/RADIUS supported and configurable built-in RADIUS server for plant wireless network

100ms server-based super roaming

Up to 25 managed APs and 1000 concurrent users

Up to 8 WLAN profiles supported

TI AM3352 720MHz ARM Cortex-A8 (Fan-less) with 512MB DDR2 SDRAM

IP30 grade sheet metal chassis

-40~75℃ operating temp

DC 9~36V power input with polarity auto reverse protection

EN50022 DIN-rail mount

To learn more about JetWave IWC 5630, please visit http://www.korenix.com/page/product/show.aspx?num=240&kw=5630&page=1.

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