Keanu Reeves Shares His Ideas for ‘John Wick 3’ and ‘The Matrix 4’

With the success of John Wick: Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves is definitely having a renaissance, and we can at least be sure there will be a John Wick: Chapter 3. What might not be as obvious is the possibility of another Matrix sequel. Yet while making the promotional rounds recently, he’s discussed both.

First, let’s look at what he thinks is best for the next John Wick movie — and don’t worry there’s not really anything too spoiler-y here — as he suggested on the Empire Podcast:

“I think the opening of the film should be Wick just trying to escape from New York. Literally trying to get off the island. Maybe he asks the Bowery King [Lawrence Fishburne] for help. Maybe John Leguizamo comes and helps me out. “John, I can’t do it, you’re excommunicado!” Maybe the High Table shows up. And then the High Table starts firing guns. And then maybe this kind of thing starts to happen between the High Table and Continental? Maybe John is the activator of this confrontation, and perhaps there’s a war? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!”

That would be awesome and sounds almost like that first part would be reminiscent of The Warriors. But Reeves isn’t writing the script, and as /Film points out, director Chad Stahelski has other ideas (of course, he isn’t the writer of these movies, either — that’d be Derek Kolstad). He told the site he’d like the trilogy to come full circle and end in New York City, not begin there.

As for The Matrix, Reeves doesn’t seem to be thinking a lot about returning to the iconic sci-fi franchise, but when baited by an interviewer for Yahoo!, inspired by the Reeves and Fishburne reunion in Chapter 2, he showed some consideration. He stated that the Wachowskis would have to write and direct the sequel, then he’d have to see what they had in mind for a story, and that’s about as much of an idea as he has so far.

On the matter of — this time, spoiler alert — his character, Neo, being dead at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, he had this to tease: “People die, stories don’t. People in stories don’t.” This isn’t the first time there’s been talk of more Matrix, either. A few years back, we heard a rumor the Wachowskis were planning a whole extra trilogy.

So perhaps one day, with Reeves a big deal again, we could see The Matrix Rebooted (my personal suggestion for the title) in theaters one day.

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