‘Justice League’ Teases Its Coming Trailer With New Footage and Posters

There’s a lot riding on Justice League. For fans, it’s the first time we’re ever seeing Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Superman (in some form) together on the big screen. For Zack Snyder, it could possibly be the final film he directs in the DC Comics extended universe. As for Warner Bros., it’s obviously a massive investment the success of which, critically and commercially, will determine the entire future of the DCEU.

So, yeah, Justice League is kind of a big deal, and everyone involved knows it. That’s why the studio has been incredibly active trying to keep fans engaged, offering them tidbits every few weeks to keep the hype train on its tracks. But now they’ve announced this weekend will be more than just a tidbit; it’ll be the first trailer for Justice League.

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