Jason Silva gives a sense of what it’s like to lose his senses

Imagine losing one or more of your senses. How would you adapt? Television host and futurist Jason Silva didn’t have to imagine it. He lived it, at least for a short time, when he took Cisco’s Challenge of the Senses during a Facebook Live event, which hundreds of thousands of people watched. “The most surprising part of having your senses restricted was realizing just how much you take your senses for granted,” Silva said. “We have these incredible instruments to map our world, and we don’t always appreciate them until they are restricted!”

Watch: Facebook Live: Challenge the Senses with Jason Silva

Why in the world would Jason agree to do this challenge? It was part of helping to explain the next wave of Cisco networking, a network so intuitive it helps IT teams become more proactive and agile.

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Think about what happens when you lose one of your senses. That loss makes you more attuned to your other senses. “Once you restrict one of your senses, the remaining senses get sharper. This is an immediate adaptation,” Silva explained. “That’s where the fun begins because you get immerses in a new world. Your intuition kicks into overdrive. I suppose this parallels the Network Intuitive features pioneered by Cisco.” Indeed it does. Cisco’s powerful innovation centered around intent-based networking is similar to a sixth sense that anticipates operational issues, and continues to learn, adapt and protect.

Silva, who is all about experimentation, loved taking part in the challenge. “It was a fun experiment to curtail some of my senses and watch other senses become immediately sharper and more acute.”

Intuition is one of the main ideas behind of Cisco’s intent based networking. During his keynote address at CiscoLive Barcelona, David Goeckeler, Cisco’s executive vice president of Networking and Security Business, said the next wave of networking is critical to business success. “We are reinventing the network from the ground up to deliver a secure and intelligent platform for digital business,” Goeckeler said. “Intent-based networking innovations are designed to deliver contextual insights and assurances that will help transform IT from reactive to proactive.”

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