Jason Momoa to Surf Cars and Crash Planes in a ‘Just Cause’ Movie

Just Cause is a renowned franchise among gamers. Not because it’s filled with controversial scenarios, like Grand Theft Auto. Not because it’s got ridiculously silly plotting, as is the case with Resident Evil. No, the Just Cause series is cherished for pretty much one thing: it lets players stage all kinds of absurd, this-would-never-ever-ever-happen action scenarios.

It’s ostensibly called Just Cause because it’s about a globetrotting special agent with noble intentions operating on the fringes of justice, but really it’s called Just Cause because you can do pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, because, well, just cause. It might as well be called Why Not?

And now all of that reality-defying action will escape the game and head to the big screen, as Jason Momoa is attached to star in a Just Cause movie for San Andreas director Brad Peyton from a script by Master and Commander writer John Collee. At this stage, there’s no confirmation as to which of the three released games will serve as the source material, just that Momoa will be playing Rico Rodriguez. And that’s fine by us. Just Cause isn’t exactly Shakespeare. It exists in a world where a nearly indestructible supercop has a grappling gun glove and can use it to surf on cars, jump on planes, or tie the two together if he wants to. It’s big and silly, but takes itself serious. And that means it may just end up becoming the next Fast and Furious.

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