Ivan Reitman Is Developing a New Version of the 1981 Comedy, ‘Stripes’

Ivan Reitman is primarily known as being behind some of the great comedies of all time, either as a director, a producer or both. From Stripes to Animal House to Meatballs to Ghostbusters to Twins, Reitman had a lot to do with the influx of more dirtier and riskier comedies during the late-’70s and early ’80s. Ghostbusters already got the reboot treatment last year, but Reitman is also hard at work on bringing back more of the properties he’s best known for. Not only is a sequel to Twins (called Triplets) still in development, but he’s also working on a new version of Stripes.

Reitman dished on the plans for Stripes while promoting the upcoming comedy Bastards at CinemaCon, where Fandango caught up with him.

“Well. the conversations come up all the time,” he said with regards to what other classic Reitman-branded properties would be ripe for a reboot or sequel. “There’s a lot of talk about Triplets now, and it’s something that we are, in fact, developing. There’s also talk of a new Stripes television show… so things are possible.”

Reitman wouldn’t say anything more on the TV version of Stripes. The 1981 film, however, starred Bill Murray and Harold Ramis as two buddies who join the army on a whim for fun because they hate their jobs. It’s like Police Academy for the military (though Stripes debuted four years earlier), and it’s a great chance to see the fantastic comedic chemistry Murray and Ramis had on screen three years before the two costarred opposite each other again in Reitman’s Ghostbusters.

As for Bastards, which stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as brothers on a road trip to find their biological father, Reitman said it was the script that first drew him in. “It always stood out by being particularly funny, and one that had great heart,” he said. “I like stories about families, and I’ve made a number of movies where “family” is at the center of the story. Plus we’ve got a couple of actors that really deliver, and do a wonderful job bringing life to it, finding both the heart and the extraordinary laughs that are in it.”

Bastards hits theaters on December 22. Watch the trailer for that below.