It’s Time to Amp Up Your Break Room

Employee break rooms are all about having space where there are no customers and where employees can take a break from the stresses of the workday. It’s a place to sit back, sip some coffee and just enjoy each other’s company. While standard break rooms have a lot of good qualities, businesses should consider upping the game to turn that space into the employee lounge. Here are a few ways you can transform your break room to make it even better.

Small Indoor Playing Field

Your employees work hard every day to further your business. Why not repay them by adding an indoor playing field to your break room? By installing your own little greenery area, you can promote a physically healthy work environment. The break room could be the business’s own soccer or football room. Many people love sports, and it would be an amazing addition. Physical activity has been shown to enhance one’s mood and overall well-being. Encouraging your staff to work together to play a sport indoors would certainly raise morale. To go about it, you’d just have to clear out an area within the break room. Depending on the size you’re seeking, you wouldn’t need a huge area. You’d just need enough for several people to play at a time. Installing an indoor turf could even be a fun team-building exercise. You might be able to cut costs by involving your staff for a DIY project. Your business would certainly stand out with an indoor playfield.

Gaming Systems

Another idea for upping your break room environment is gaming systems. Since you value your employees, you want to show your appreciation for all their hard work. Video games have been shown to help individuals destress, and that’s exactly what you want in your break room. If you would prefer a computer or tablet games, consider using the company server. There are hundreds of game server hosting options, so if you want to get your own server, it’s important to compare services to make sure you’re getting what you want from them. For a nostalgic feel, try bringing in arcade games, such as Galaga or Pac-Man. If your employees are into hands-on experiences, you could purchase a foosball table; two-player games are a great way to bring the team together. Employees would love other game ideas, such as a ring toss. You could even provide incentives by allowing your staff to trade in tickets they’ve won. Whatever games you choose to install, your break room is going to be the talk of the town.

A Relaxation Area

A relaxation area could really bring your break room together. When your employees are on their breaks, they want to be able to relax. Consider bringing in some lounging furniture, like comfortable couches or recliners. For a truly extravagant relaxation zone, you could even put in a bed. Your employees would love being able to nap on their breaks. Naps are good for the body, and it could raise productivity in the office. When minds are refreshed, work always goes more smoothly. Your workers will love having the option to actually relax during their breaks.

Whether you choose games, an indoor football field or a relaxation zone, your break room is sure to be amazing. You’ll feel better about providing for your employees, and they’ll appreciate your efforts.


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