It’s a Digital Life: 3 Areas of Society That Have Benefited From Going Online

A wide variety of positive online resources and opportunities have long been available to the public. A number of these benefits have only recently become apparent with more people working from home. Outside of work-based needs, a number of online-based companies have come into much higher use in the past few months. The following fields have benefited immensely from online/remote access by consumers.

Education and Jobs

Telecommuting has become much more commonplace over the past 10 years and has exploded this year. Thanks to the proliferation of much faster high-speed internet, anything from basic office work to complicated media creation can be done from home. High-speed mobile internet access also helps when traveling.

In addition to remote working, remote learning has also come far in a short amount of time. Online resources from Google Classroom and platforms like SeeSaw can be used by children across the K-12 spectrum. College-level students and professionals in credentialed fields can also benefit from courses offered online. Online courses make it easier to get real estate licenses, nursing degrees, and so much more.

Communication and Connection

Whether for work or personal purposes, communication has come a long way. Texting is a ubiquitous and efficient means of communicating with work and has become one of the most popular forms of digital communication overall. In terms of visual connection, Zoom conferences have spiked immensely for both work and pleasure via laptops and tablets. Apple’s FaceTime usage, along with other mobile services such as Skype and Google Duo has also grown between iOS and Android devices.


While online shopping as a concept is nothing new, the types of things people tend to shop for and the variety of markets have been made available to people in ways never really used on a wide basis. Grocery shopping, with delivery included, has ballooned in demand recently; non-traditional restaurant food delivery has also expanded immensely. Standard brick-and-mortar stores can either supplement their in-store revenue with online sales from all over the world. In some cases, supplemental income transforms into a primary source of income, supplanting physical store sales.

Over the past 15 years, mobile device use has revolutionized the way that people consume from worldwide economic markets, and with that comes the need for the market to adapt. Now more than ever, the ability to do business remotely via the internet has become an essential matter for most businesses. The more that remote working, learning and consumption continues, the more all organizations that provide goods and services have to keep an eye on e-commerce and services.

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