‘It’ Could Be a Blockbuster


The big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It has been steadily building anticipation for more than a year. That might be a surprise to some; after all, It revolves around a young cast of unknowns and the best-known actor, rising star Bill Skarsgard (above), is covered up in a clown costume and makeup.

Yet the premise remains tantalizing and terrifying, even more than 30 years after Stephen King’s novel was first published. It follows a likable group of children who are pitted against a horrible, shape-changing monster who preys on children.

Clearly, that’s struck a responsive chord because Variety reports the movie “is on pace to open to more than $50 million.” To put that into perspective, the biggest past theatrical opening in September came in 2015 when the animated family comedy Hotel Transylvania 2 earned $48 million during its opening weekend.

In contrast to the family-friendly Hotel Transylvania 2, It has been rated R for “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.” Naturally, even if It doesn’t break any box-office records, anticipation remains high that the movie will be a hit, maybe even a blockbuster.

In advance of the theatrical opening of It on September 8, It: Float – A Cinematic VR Experience has been released, which allows fans to walk the streets of Derry, Maine, where the movie is set, and experience the terror of confronting Pennywise for themselves. Watch the trailer for the virtual reality experience below and find out more about it at the official site.

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